License CCF

The license is a personal document authorizing its owner to participate in cycling competitions and at the same time confirming his commitment to respect the statutes and rules of the Czech Cycling Federation (CCF), the European Cycling Union (UEC) and the International Cycling Federation (UCI).

The license is proof of professional competence for the cycling environment, it is proof of membership in the relevant regional association, which is a member of the CCF.

The license is valid from the date of issue until 31.12. of the given year.

Change for 2023 – virtual license

From 2023, CCF will issue licenses mainly in virtual form, i.e. as cards for mobile devices. The procedure for applying for the issuance/updation of a license remains the same for competitors and representatives of sections. Licenses will continue to be issued and coordinated by a CCF license officer who, at the end of the entire application for the issuance or extension of the license, which remains the same, will send the applicant for a license by mail a web link with the option of downloading the license to his mobile phone. The advantages of this new solution are many. Among the biggest ones is that the holder always has the license with him, then there is the possibility of downloading 1 license to multiple devices (to multiple mobile phones) and it is also essentially a more modern and ecological option. Licenses can be downloaded to both Apple iOS and Android devices. For iOS devices, the license is downloaded directly to Wallet, for Android to the Portmonka application (which must be installed on your phone in advance). Google Pay will also be supported on Android in the near future.

For a sufficiently long transitional period, the possibility of printing the license also in its physical (plastic) form will remain, but for a fee of license production costs.

Access to the licensing system for clubs HERE

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