CZECH CYCLING FEDERATION is an association based on the principle of voluntariness and democratic principles in accordance with the provisions of § 214 et seq. Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code

The federation operates in the Czech language under the name: ČESKÝ SVAZ CYKLISTIKY, z.s., and the abbreviation ČSC, and in English under the name: Czech Cycling Federation and the abbreviation CCF. A name change is only possible based on the decision of the general meeting.

The association is an independent non-political organization, and it develops its activities described below in accordance with the legal regulations of the Czech Republic, these statutes, in the spirit of democratic principles and principles to ensure the all-round development of cycling in all its forms, organizational and performance levels.

CCF implements its activities on the basis of the provisions of generally binding legal regulations, CCF is a member of the International Cycling Union (UCI) and the European Cycling Union (UEC) with all the rights and obligations arising therefrom.

CCF is a member of the Czech Olympic Committee (COC) and the Czech Sports Union (CUS) with all the rights and obligations arising from that.

CCF is located at: Nad Hliníkem 4/1186, Prague 5 – Motol, zip code: 150 00, Czech Republic.
CCF was assigned the identification number: 496 26 281.

The main activity of the Czech Cycling Federation is mainly to express, promote and protect the interests of Czech cycling, to increase its social prestige at home and abroad, to take care of its all-round development, as well as to protect the rights and legitimate interests of its members in connection with their activities within the CCF.
In order to fulfill this mission of the CCF, in particular:

  • promotes the interests of cycling in relation to state, city and municipal authorities and authorities as well as in relation to other legal entities;
  • defends the interests of its members in the framework of their activities in the Czech Republic;
  • organizes cycling in its performance form, develops youth, recreational and veteran cycling, acycling for the disabled;
  • ensures, organizes and manages the state representation of the Czech Republic and represents Czech cycling within its international relations, closely cooperates with the UCI, UEC, COC, CUS – respects their statute and their rules for the organization of competitions, promotes the interests of Czech cycling in the activities of these organizations and own interests;
  • organizes cycling races and competitions within its scope and issues relevant instructions and timetables, in particular organizes national championships and national competitions in all disciplines and the Peace Race (Course de la Paix), while being the sole owner of all rights to these events, also oversees or coordinates the organization of international championships, races and competitions, the organization of which has been entrusted to the Czech Republic, cooperates with the organizers of races and competitions, the organization of which has been entrusted by the UCI or UEC to organizers in the territory of the Czech Republic (e.g. World or European Cup competitions);
  • issues the valid text of international sports-technical regulations, rules and regulations for the Czech Republic, and ensures their compliance, as well as compliance with cycling sports ethics;
  • manages the training system for coaches, referees and other cycling officials and keeps their records;
  • publishes professional materials processed on the basis of the latest scientific-methodological and medical knowledge, materials of a technical, organizational and historical nature;
  • within the scope of its competence, it further ensures effective promotion in the media and uses all other possibilities for effective promotion of cycling;
  • annually contributes financially to the activities of regional associations with an assigned sports authority according to the principles approved by the executive committee and in accordance with the approved budget rule and budget;
  • supports the construction and development of cycling facilities and objects